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Interschool Chess Tournaments for 2024

Balwyn North PS (April 23, 2024) Malvern Valley PS (May 15, 2024) Maranatha CS (June 13, 2024) Camberwell Girls GS (Aug 2, 2024) Rivercrest CC (Aug 8, 2024) Bialik College (Aug 15, 2024)


Interschool Tournament Registration (using Stripe payments)

Chess Ideas Tournament Registration System.

Parents can register and pay for their children to enter Chess Ideas run chess tournaments as follows.

If you have a Chess Ideas Pawnbroker login account, please login when prompted. If not you can create your account. Please ensure your email and telephone contact details are correct when creating your account. Once you have logged into your account you can enter one or more of your children into the tournament using the Enter Children button. If you have not yet registered children, you can create accounts for them at that time. You will only have to do that once since the next time you can simply select which of your children to enter. We take child security seriously and do not require a child’s e-mail address or phone number. We use the date-of-birth to distinguish between children with the same name. Any contact will be via the parent or school. When you have entered your children into the tournament, you can make a payment via Stripe using the Payment tab. Your tournament entry is not considered complete until payment has been made. Note we do not keep any credit card details. These are handled by Stripe.